Trend is defined as “a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manner of behavior” but there is a lot more to it than what the definition describes. The things of clothing we chose to wear are often times our clear and powerful types of personal expression. What we decide to wear tells everyone what kind of person we are and that which we think of ourselves.

By making people and/or appear feel more amazing than they otherwise might there’s the indisputable fact that fashion makes life more wonderful than it truly is. Vogue is among the art forms that enables folks of genders, races, sizes, backgrounds, walks of life to feel great about themselves and allows them to look their best.

However there is also that part of trend that seeks to challenge societal standards of attractiveness; it desires to shift the collective eye and propose new ideas of what beauty could be. Unlike any other art form, the beauty that’s usually created in trend is amazingly short lived, it’s a minute. At its best, it burns brightly and quickly and certainly will never be duplicated.

That skill to change, to constantly renew itself is probably what makes trend so intriguing to me. I enjoy that one may look at one designer’s work inside a given period of time plus see the change, while it is revolutionary or subtle and clear and evolutionary.

You can’t always appreciate that journey to the next in other art forms; it is normally just in hindsight that you can see it. As for what trend is, besides being an expansion of disposition, or a mood, or a style of expressing internal imagination, it’s also some sort of mask fashion supplies a kind of transformative quality, the effect that the item of clothing can have on the way people see you and the way in which you may see yourself is fundamentally profound.

Despite how much trend addresses the surface, it is the effect it’s on the way you feel as opposed to the way in which you look that makes it so astounding in my own opinion.