Fashion is not necessarily about high branded fashion clothing, it lies with a person and how she carries even a simple most outfit. Even with most basic pieces of clothing, you can look trendy and fashionable. Every woman has those basic pieces of clothing like black tights, denim short, a white crisp button down, faded jeans etc. mix and match these pieces of clothing, and you can look no less than those high street fashionable models. Although it depends on what type of fashion you follow, you can be a classy lady with foot length dresses and dapper suits. Or you can be one of those chicks that prefer casual street style clothing. No matter what your choice of fashion is, there are always basic pieces of clothing in your wardrobe that help you to bring out a new outfit.

A plain white T-shirt

A plain white tee goes with almost anything, you can wear it over the jeans and a jacket over it, accessories it with few piece of bling jewelry and boots.

Black tights/leggings

How many pairs of black tights does every woman have, even she is unaware of it? Black tights can make any outfit trendy; wear it under denim shorts, under that Little Black Dress or that cute crop top. A must have piece of clothing to look your most fashionable self.


A cardigan can go with anything you wear and in any season, having a few basic colors of black, red, blue, a white cardigan can easily get you past a fashion policy.

A little black dress

LBD has been a part of fashion for women from centuries, back in the 60s it might not be a basic piece of clothing but now it is so common that every woman has her favorite LBD in the wardrobe. You can completely renew it with a piece of belt, a jacket, jewelry, heels etc.


Bold flowery prints, polka dots, stripes, animal prints etc. all of these are something every woman must own for bringing out the most traditionally fashionable looks. No woman can go without being classic with a polka dot dress the classic black and white polka dots never go out of fashion. High fashion brands have been playing with strips and never get tired of vertical, horizontal, zigzagged lines across their outfits. Leopard and zebra prints are everywhere on the scarves and trendy blouses etc.